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Change Team: 

Team Building Date: Sunday September 19th

Time 12:30pm - 4pm (Must arrive for check-in by 12:30pm. Late arrivals will result in shorter game time)

Location LVL UP SPORTS 5390 Harrisburg Pike, Grove City OH 43123

               We are located on 62 (Harrisburg Pike) about half way between 665 and Orders Road.  

Private games, private staff, access to all playing fields


Attached is a "What To Do" graphic that explains how a paintball party works once you show up at the park.

Before you show up, here are some tips to help you host the perfect paintball party:

1- Waivers: Everyone needs to fill out a waiver to play paintball or airsoft at LVL UP.  You can fill them out the day of no problem in our proshop, but to make everything go the fastest, it's best to fill them out BEFORE you show up.  Send this link --https://lvlupsports.com/paintball-waiver/ --  or forward this e-mail to everyone attending the paintball party and ask that they please fill it out before they come!  (Hint- you can even do it from your phone on the way in!)  Attached you will find a list of our safety rules, please read them and distribute to the members of your party (we will also go over these rules prior to gameplay).

2- Arrival Time: Be on site at 12:30, 30 minutes prior to your start time, in order to make sure our staff has enough time to get your equipment fitted, properly explain all safety procedures, collect payment etc.  If you arrive right at your start time or late, we will try to get you started as fast as possible but unfortunately you will not get the full time.

3- Suggested Clothing: Old gym shoes, old jeans, and an old long sleeve t-shirt are our recommendations.  While all the paintball splats are 100% machine washable, you will most likely be playing on your knees and will definitely get some dirt on them, so it's best to be safe and not wear your expensive stuff. 


Let me know if you have any questions!

Amber Bussey

Events Coordinator