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Parking for Fairgrounds - Taft Colliseum

717 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211 | 888-OHO-EXPO




  • Pass must be printed and displayed on your dash before entry to the Fairgrounds.
  • If a pass is not displayed, you will receive a ticket.
  • If you forgot the pass, you must pay to enter. You will not be permitted to pull over and wait for someone to bring you a pass. Fee is $5, no refunds.
  • Pass is good only on days and times you are scheduled at the Taft Coliseum. You may not park for other, non-rink related events.
  • Failure to stop at the gate will result in the parking attendant calling the on-site Ohio Highway Patrol.
  • Passes are not valid during hockey tournaments – all tournament participants must pay to park, $5 per entry.
  • If parking immediately next to the Coliseum is full, rink attendees may park in any designated Fairgrounds parking areas.