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Welcome to the Warcats Hockey Association

It is the mission of the Warcats Hockey Association (WHA) to provide high quality ice hockey Varsity and Junior Varsity programs for players in an environment that is open to all levels of interest and economic standing. The WHA assists all participants in reaching their athletic potential by teaching skills that enhance the performance and enjoyment of ice hockey, while also developing lifetime skills of goal setting, commitment, self-discipline, determination, teamwork and sportsmanship.

Registration is OPEN!

Registration for the Warcats 2022-23 Summer Camp, Pre-Tryout Conditioning and Tryouts are now OPEN!


If you are not already registered on the Warcats site, please sign up first.


If you are registered then navigate to Registrations and get started. You can reach the registrations by clicking HERE

by posted 05/15/2022
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