Additional Programs

Bantam Bridge Program

The Warcats Hockey Association (WHA) offers a program to promote hockey in our community. In an effort to ensure readiness for high school hockey and to promote consistency in coaching techniques between our programs, the Warcats JV team has invited any interested older Bantam players to participate in a program called Bantam Bridge. These players will have the benefit of working with the JV coaching staff at a practice based on a set schedule throughout the season. The program has had several players continue their hockey careers and play for the Warcats JV and Varsity teams.

There is no JV game play for these Bantam Bridge players. However, they will be included in any activities offered by the WHA, if they wish to participate.

Bantam Bridge Criteria

  • All Bantam Bridge players should be on a bantam or other team roster for the current season.
  • Bantam Bridge players must register online at before practicing with the JV team. Each player must show proof of birth date and pay the required fee for the season to complete the registration process. The registrar will attend practice your first night to meet you and check birth certificates. The player WILL NOT step on the ice until this is complete.
  • Each Bantam Bridge player will attend a practice based on the schedule provided on the website for the registration.
  • Players accepted into the program must be in one of the following groups:
  • Second year bantams residing in the a Warcats school district (grades 8 or 9).  
  • Players older than bantam age who live a Warcats school district but who have had limited playing experience.

The WHA registrar is the contact person for the program. If you have any question or want additional information, please contact the WHA registrar.

Summer Conditioning Program

The WHA strongly believes that it is important for players to be in the best physical shape possible for the hockey season and have an opportunity to improve overall skating ability of the club, develop and improve all hockey fundamental skills and improve conditioning, flexibility and strength. To meet these goals the WHA provides a summer conditioning program for players entering grades 9-12 and one for players entering grades 6-8. Enrollment is open to all students who attend a Warcats designated school and, on a space available basis, to students in other school districts. The sessions are run June and July  and finish prior to WHA hockey tryouts. The WHA JV and Varsity coaches lead these sessions and are focused on skill development. Registration begins early May via the WHA website and fees for the summer program are detailed in the registration tool on the WHA website.  

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