Post-Warcats Options

There are many options to keep playing hockey after you leave Warcats. You could play for a local adult league, club hockey (ACHA), or NCAA D3 or go to the junior league. Whatever you decide, make sure to stay in touch.

Adult Hockey League

The Chillers offer adult hockey leagues, the Chiller Adult Hockey League (CAHL) for adults 18 and over. The Chiller CAHL Website:

Club Hockey

College club hockey teams are part of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). There are approximately 450 ACHA teams. Regardless of your hockey levels, you can make one of the ACHA teams. ACHA consists of D1, D2, and D3, and they do not influence your college admissions. However, it's wise to reach out to the ACHA coach (on the college ACHA site) and see when the tryout dates are and what you'll need to do to play for the team. Most college hockey players usually play on a ACHA team.

ACHA Website:

NCAA and Junior League

Typically, if you want to play NCAA you would have to play in the USHL or NAHL junior leagues anywhere from 1-3 years before even being considered by an NCAA coach. Although you may have a shot at NCAA D3, you may have to spend some time in one of the junior leagues. The current hierarchy of junior leagues are, USHL (Tier 1), NAHL (Tier 2), and all other leagues are Tier 3 teams. For example, the USPHL (Columbus, Mavericks) is a Tier 3 team. These teams are also mainly pay to play.

USHL Website:

NAHL Website:

USPHL Website:

NCAA Hockey Website:

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